Pets Multifunction Blowing Comb


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Pets Multifunction Portable Blowing Comb

Product Description

  • Multi-purpose pet hair dryer: It has two functions: pet hair dryer and brush. On the one hand, while custoemr is drying the pet's hair, he or she can use the brush to tidy the hair, making the pet more comfortable and thoroughly drying the remain water on the bottom of the pet. Eases the pet skin disease gas and other diseases. On the other hand, the owner can operate with one hand, saving energy.

  • Low noise design for health protection: To protect your pet's sensitive hearing, the device is designed with a low noise level. The noise is about 65 decibels. Gentle care of pets' hearing, pets will not feel comfortable resistance. In addition, the comb can protect the skin and hair, loosen the irritation, remove the itching under the skin. Thereby, reduce the pressure of the pet and make the pet feel comfortable.

  • Adjustable air volume and overheat protection: High temperature (65℃) and low temperature (45℃) two functions, can be adjusted to the needs of the pet, to achieve rapid drying. Considering the safety of pets, it has the function of overheating protection. Use for a period of time, the hair dryer has been kept at a certain temperature, there is no soft wind and temperature on the pet skin, coke and other dangers.

  • Removable and easy to clean: The brush head of the hair dryer is removable. When adding pet hair or water to the hair dryer, please remove the brush head and clean. Keep your pet clean and healthy and your hair dryer clean all the time.

  • Specifications and quality guarantees:  Applicable objects: size for all kinds of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals.  Convenient portability and light weigh, especially the characteristics of warm air blowing, suitable for cats, dogs and other pets.

Product Specification


13.8*5.5*3.1 inches

Wire Length

2 M


300 W


110 V





Air Regulation

Two modes

Product Details

Pets Multifunction Blowing Comb details

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