Pets Electric Hair Clipper


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Pets Electric Three Types Hair Clipper

Product Instruction

  • Buy a hairdresser kit to get four haircuts. Customers can easily remove hair that stretches around their face, around ears, on the soles of feet, and between fingernails.

  • Three types of nail clippers, with 3 ports, to avoid hurting people's nail clippers, customers can choose different ports for small pet, medium pet and large pet.

  • Waterproof and low noise, the main body all has waterproof function, can also use the hairdresser when taking a bath. In addition, the hairdresser has a low noise design.

  • USB rechargeable, it can be used anywhere. Blade replacement is also very simple, which is a convenient barber.

  • Package contents: main body ×1, replacement blade ×4, limited comb ×3(no need for nail clippers), USB charger ×1 instruction ×1.

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