Household Smart Weight Scale


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Household Smart Weight Scale

Product Instruction

  • 23 kinds of data can be measured: Using the smart scale, weight and body fat percentage, BMI, visceral fat, body water percentage, muscle mass, basal metabolism (BMR), body age and other 23 items. A scale that can be linked to a smartphone app to automatically record a registrant's body measurements and track body changes. In addition to understanding your body, you also have a good grasp of health management and body shape.

  • Body fat meter with high precision measurement: Weight meter equipped with 4 high-precision fat measurement chips. The calculation accuracy is 100g to avoid the measurement error. In addition, due to the regular measurement function, the set time will be notified at the same time, regular weight measurement, more detailed management.

  • Unlimited check-in apps: The scale APP allows unlimited or multiple smartphone connections for all health care for the whole family, while managing the number of users by location.

  • Enhanced glass, easy to store: The scale is made of 6mm tempered glass, which improves impact resistance and is easy to clean. In addition, it has a large display that allows you to see the values clearly even in dark places and standing up. Thin 24 mm thickness, can be easily received in the sofa, strip between the gap.

Product Specification


13.5*13.5*2 inches

Item Weight

3.8 lbs

Weighing Scope

0.44-397 lbs


0.22 lbs

Display Mode

LCD screen


Black, White, Pink


ABS/Tempered glass

Free Gift

Battery and tape

Product Details

Household Smart Weight Scale details

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