What is KSC Mall and why choose it?

KSC Mall is a professional online comprehensive shopping platform, the quality shopping city beloved by global consumers. The products include smart home, decorative lamps, pet products, outdoor leisure and other major categories, aiming to lead consumers to discover and experience the global and better lifestyle in the first time, and open the ideal life in the trend in advance. KSC Mall committed to making good friends with all customers based on satisfactory after-sales service with affordable price

What is Ylkova?

Ylkova is a lamp brand belongs to KSC Mall which includes desk lamp, table lamp, solar lamp and so on.

How does KSC Mall guarantee the product quality?

KSC Mall has cooperated with a lot of suppliers who offer different kinds of products to us. All products will be tested before transport. KSC Mall will also examine all products quality when we send then out.

Are those Ylkova lamps water resistant or waterproof?

Please look product specification through carefully, most Ylkova lamps are waterproof, but some of them are not. They are instructed in product specification.

Where is it manufactured?

The majority of our parts suppliers are in China. Certain parts might be imported from other countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, Japan.

Do those lamps have a timer which will turn them on at the same time everyday?

All Ylkova lamps are controlled by remote or open automatically. Please look product specification through carefully, some of them have timing function and you can choose the specific time.

How long can I receive the product?

Our distribution center is located in California, all orders will be arranged within 24 hours. All product can be received from 2 to 6 days, it all depends on your distance.

How much of shipping fee?

Free shipping offers to all customers besides Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Puerto Rico.

How can I contact KSC Mall if I suffer problems?

Please contact sales@kscmall.com directly if you have any questions.