Why Should We Choose Ylkova Therapy Lamp

Every spring, many people suffer from the spring blues. They often feel depressed, sluggish, extremely tired, lethargic, overindulged in food and lose interest in everything. Winter depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder, or positive affective disorder (SAD), is a depressive effect caused by changes in winter weather. Winter climate becomes cold, depression, which is easy to make people's metabolism and other physiological functions in a state of inhibition. In addition, due to the less sunlight exposure in winter, some people's biological clock if not timely adapt to the change of the shortened sunshine time, will lead to circadian rhythm disorders and endocrine disorders, emotional and mental disorders. As a result, many people will be like hibernating animals as listless, easy to tired, serious even silent, depressed, inattention, palpitation and insomnia, that is, depressive symptoms.

So, how to get rid of depression? Before, some scientists have found that phototherapy can improve the condition. In the era of advanced science and technology, there are many therapy lamp devices that can replace sunlight. For example, the leading role of this article, Ylkova therapy lamp with flat-panel design, is convenient and simple, and its small size is easy to carry.

Ylkova LED Therapy Lamp 11

That is why more and more therapy lamps was made and appeared in the markets. Not only it can help to solve SAD, but also in a cheap and comfortable method. So, I prefer to introduce this new product - Ylkova Therapy Lamp, share some important and attractive functions of it, and why it should be selected.

Infinitely Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature

The Ylkova LED therapy lamp with continuously dimmable brightness from 2000 to 10000 lux and color temperature is from 3000 to 6500 K, so you can adjust your lamp by touch. Adjust the brightness easily and gently from 20-100% and color temperature of 2700-6500K by using the touch control of your therapy lamp.

Flat-panel Touch Control and Timer Function

With touch control, all operations can be performed with just one tap. Furthermore, tap the timer button to turn on the timing function, and you can select four different choices, 15/30/45/60 mins. The blue indicator flashes the position to select the timing time, tap to swith the timing time again.

360 Degrees Rotation Adjustment

The therapy lamp has a back holder with 360 degrees rotation stand bracket. You can place this sunlight horizontally or vertically at any angle, next to your laptop, kitchen counter, desk, office or living room.

Ylkova LED Therapy Lamp 12

Fit for Different Scenarios and Ages

The Ylkova therapy lamp is suitable for studying at night, the lighting looks like natural light which protects your eye. In addition, it is suitable for those white-collar workers who work overtime. What’s more, it is also suitable for old people who like reading newspapers and protect their vision.

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