Introduction of A Super Powerful Household Appliance

In our daily life, it is common to see those single function appliances, like alarm clock which remind time of you, or like lamp which give you a bright atmosphere in the dark. However, have you guys seen an appliance who can combines with a lot of functions in a single object ever before? That is our main product which set alarm clock, projection light, music player, radio, atmosphere light as one, we called Awakening Projection Alarm Clock.

In this article, I would like to introduce Awakening Projection Alarm Clock entirely and share its powerful functions to all KSC Mall customers. And please leave your comments as below if you need more further details.

 Awakening Projection Alarm Clock 20

Alarm Clock Function

Design with two different alarm settings for different schedule, such as one alarm for workdays and the other for weekend, or one for yourself and the other alarm for your spouse. What’s more, the Awakening Projection Alarm Clock features with sunrise simulation function, this sunlight alarm clock will be on and light gradually increase from 10% brightness to 100% by 30 minutes before alarm clock goes off. Then, it gently wakes by a custom sunrise alarm clock during dark winter month, which prevents the jarring or startling form of waking up. So, it is suitable for heavy sleepers, kid and adults. In addition, the snooze function allows you to get more 10 minutes buffer time and avoid oversleep. It is really helpful with improving your sleep cycle and relaxation, makes you feel like waking up with more energized. It has independent LED time screen with large digital time display and does not interference by the lamp panel light.

 Awakening Projection Alarm Clock 21

Help Sleeping

Sleeping function operation is very humanized, everyone can choose your own preferences and select light and music to help your sleep, simple light to help you sleep. What’s more, the brightness and color of light can be selected, it all depends on which one is best for your sleeping. Furthermore, music is also can be selected by your need. There are seven build-in music and can choose U disk music if you need. Also, the volume can be adjusted to fit for your sleeping.

Projection Light Function

With the function of time projection, the light can be focused. There are a total of four levels of brightness can be adjusted when projection on the ceiling at night, which is a unique awakening clock product.

 Awakening Projection Alarm Clock 22

Music Player function

It's amazing that you can choose 30 alarm sounds to wake you up, such as Birdsong, Ocean Wave, Streams, Wind bells, Soft Music, Piano Music, etc. Extra USB port behind this alarm clock is an unexpected point that can use as a USB music player, simply plug in a USB-disk upload with your favorite music.

Radio Function

The clock radio offers the latest news and exciting moments. It can automatically scan all stations with frequency 76 - 108 MHz and keep channels without limitation. A nice product for different age groups who use it easily.

Atmosphere Light Function

Sunrise alarm has 7 different colors (blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow, green) and 20 levels light brightness. It is easy to choose color you desire and adjust the brightness to use as night light, bedside lamp, reading light, or atmosphere light. The monitor of alarm clock gets 4 display dimmable levels, which allows suitable light intensity without disturbing you at night.

 Awakening Projection Alarm Clock 23

Plug and Play USB Power Supply

Sunrise alarm clock comes with a USB cable that can works with any devices with USB ports, such as power banks, wall plugs, laptop, etc. It is better to add AAA battery on the back slot so that alarm clock won't lose its settings.

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